District of Columbia Wireless Internet Map

A quick-'n-dirty web project to map out comfortable wireless hotspots in the District.

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Supply any mappable address, then use the distance slider to indicate how important proximity is.


The best spots are in bold. Ratings are determined by me and are subjective. (Not-yet-rated shops get a default score of 600 to keep them in the running.)

"Laptopability" refers to the collective review of several factors: How easy it is to get a table, how easy it is to find power, how cramped or spacious the place feels, whether the wifi reaches all the tables, how easy it is to connect to the network, how consistently up & fast the network is, whether any ports are blocked, and that there's not overwhelming ambient noise.

New in town? Here's the highlights: Big Bear Cafe is the top coffeeshop overall, and you should go there right now, while ignoring everyone who thinks you're headed to a "dangerous" part of town. (You kind of are, but the Bloomingdale neighborhood has just as many uncommonly friendly residents as ones you should worry about.) Tryst in Adams Morgan is our seminal indie coffee shop. Their Internet is usually down, slow, or off (weekends, holidays), service is slow, seating is scarce, and it's always noisy - but they have an unbeatable location. If you're an alt/indie/couchsurfer type, head to SoVa on H St NE - second only to Big Bear as best overall shop, and much larger, with a wine bar. If you're stuck downtown, you have limited options, but try to find a Juan Valdez (there's three) or Caribou. Closer to Chinatown? Hit Chinatown Coffee Company, which employs some of the most skilled baristas in the city. Finally, you should go poke around Capitol Hill and Eastern Market anyway, just because they're great neighborhoods, and while you're there, stop in at Peregrine Espresso, another employer of competition-winning baristas - but bring a jacket, they get a little carried away with the A/C.

If you just need WiFi without coffee, the DC city government has been nice enough to provide a few options. If you're downtown, your best bet is MLK Library at 9th & G St NW.

Got spots to add, corrections, or feedback? Get in touch!